In Which a Jeopardy category far in the future illuminates a star-crossed romance far in the past

A: Like any good Rapunzel, she downed her hair.
Q: Who is Clare de Lune?

A: They were where Clare and Hot Face met.
Q: What were the darkened docks, where the hulls of ships knocked together in the shadows?

A: 72.3 degrees Centigrade.
Q: What was the temperature of Hot Face's face when he looked for the second time on her unveiled face, and for the first on the moonlit mass of hair she was gathering up once more into a bun?

A: A kiss, of course.
Q: What did the two exchange after he had finished assisting her with her coiffure?

A: "I can get you as far as Iberia."
Q: What did Clare de Lune tell him after he had offered to trade his visions of stardom for her hand in marriage and she had confessed that, although she loved him truly, she would neither dishonor her family nor impugn the dignity of his dreams.