Peephole of Kuhlifahnya, Prepayah to be guvuhned...full throttle!

Well, it's nice to see the democratic process returned, via bloodless coup, to the hands of those for whom it was designed: the insanely wealthy and those practiced in the thespian arts. You can say what you want about Arnold, but California just got the governor she deserved. It kind of makes you wonder where else the Republicans might want to spread the progressive principles they've always been known for. If the recall catches on, we might soon see, say... D.C. Mayor Charlton Heston (R)! New York State Senator Corpse of Ronald Reagan (R)! President Theodore "Cat Scratch Fever" Nugent! Who knows: if you're rich and blandly conservative, you might soon be drafted to head your own legislative branch! (And if Friend of Arnold Orrin Hatch's amendment passes both houses and 2/3 of the states, even an native Austrian would be eligible to be president of the United States).